Sharing Insight on Maximizing Retail Design: Jeffrey Hutchison in Boutique Magazine, UK

In the June 2014 issue of UK-based Boutique Magazine, fashion retail architect Jeffrey Hutchison shares his expert insight in the article “Interior Motives” (pages 50-51). Drawing from his extensive career in the design world, Hutchison advises Read More

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Jeffrey Hutchison Featured in Racked: New York’s Best-Looking Stores

Recently the much-read insider source of retail and fashion news Racked NY asked architect Jeffrey Hutchison to name his pick of the top-ten best-looking stores in New York. Read on to hear the industry veteran’s sometime-surprising rundown of the city’s retail design highlights…

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Jeffrey Hutchison on Building the Ultimate Retail Environment

Fashion retail architect Jeffrey Hutchison of Jeffrey Hutchison & Associates spoke recently at the AFINGO Fashion Forum during MAGIC in Las Vegas on the topic of maximizing retail sales. Joined by industry experts from Lucky Magazine, Zappos, CreateThe Group and Community Collection, Hutchison addressed how to build the ultimate retail environment and offered tips for brand space perfection.

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Jeffrey Hutchison Launches “The Haberdashery Collection”

Fashion retail architect Jeffrey Hutchison has created The Haberdashery Collection, a trio of unique, sculptural display elements to highlight men’s accessories. Handmade in feel and inspired by the work of Alexander Calder, the collection is constructed of bent metal wire and shaped to reflect an aspect of the human form, giving merchandise scale and context.

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