Tailored Retail by Jeffrey Hutchison

“Jeffrey’s talents and creativity perfectly compliment our focus on beauty in sculptural design.”


Tailored Retail

Tailored Retail
Over the past 25 years, award-winning architect and designer Jeffrey Hutchison has gained countless accolades and a distinguished level of excellence in the retail fashion industry. In his new book, Tailored Retail (available in both hard copy and e-book formats) a compilation of the wide ranging projects from Hutchison and his firm, Jeffrey Hutchison & Associates, are depicted in a series of stunning photographs—from a luxury handbag store in Macau inspired by the inside of a yacht, to a large-scale sculptural luxury department store in Las Vegas infused with the energy of its location.
With a prestigious roster of international clients such as Barneys New York and Palacio di Hierro, Hutchison divulges details of his innovative and novel approach to retail design in Tailored Retail. Discover how his collaborations with established and up-and-coming artists have made Hutchison’s work perpetually unique, and exactly how he tells a narrative with each space he creates, while always respecting and enhancing the integrity of the brand.
Travel around the world and take a peek into some of the most aspirational and groundbreaking stores in the image-driven tome, Tailored Retail. And learn where the future of retail design is headed from one of the industry’s most sought-after architects, Jeffrey Hutchison.
Tailored Retail is available for purchase through the American Institute of Architect’s online bookstore: store.aia.org or contact info@jeffreyhutchison.com. A portion of proceeds supports the American Institute of Architects Foundation.