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Montreal, Canada

JHA completed the design of a 250,000 sq ft renovation of Holt Renfrew Ogilvy’s flagship location. The significant transformation of the six-floor building created an open, spacious and light-filled space, and included the addition of 40,000 sq ft of new space to the original 1912 Structure.

Paying homage to the iconic Ogilvy store played a major role in the remodeling of the retailer’s largest location, once known as “the store of light.” JHA honored this legacy by designing an open, spacious floor plan full of natural light, reintroduced through continuous 18-foot wide windows that also provide amazing views of the Montreal cityscape.

In order to reduce the impact to the 100+ year old structure, JHA introduced minimized interior rooms and enclosures that enable the customer to experience the spaciousness of the building. To provide each brand with the ability to create their individual designs, JHA employed a consistent “ribbon” wall that enables each brand to install its own materials, while retaining balance with the store’s overall aesthetic.

JHA selected a consistent “core” material palette for all floors, which provides a distinct, choesive identity for HRO that plays harmoniously with all the individual brands. This rich palette is comprised of warm textures and finishes such as bleached oak wood floors, cream terrazzo and gray stone, as well as satin nickel and brushed brass metals.