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Jakarta, Indonesia

Creating a unique and contemporary architectural vocabulary was critical in establishing a new direction for this women’s luxury multi-brand retail store, which opened in 2018. In much the same way as fabric drapes over the human body, architectural materials wrap the 4,000-square-foot space to create a dramatic sensual envelope. Overlapping stone in two hues and different textures, wood, textured wall-covering, and crinkle textured bonded trapezoidal quartz panels on the walls and ceiling reinforce the layered effect. A palette of neutral colors is complimented with light bronze metal fixtures and a terrazzo floor throughout.

Three of the store’s four rooms house individual designer boutiques. The largest room is the multi-brand boutique “living room,” which becomes the focal point of the store. The curved storefront has four separate entries and functions as a unifying element. It echoes the layered material palette of stone, glass and brass from the interior, establishing a strong design vocabulary for the project.