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For Shinsegae’s Gangham store in Seoul, JHA envisioned the creation of different environments for each of product category, creating five spaces that all meet in the luxurious Hive center. The design creates a consumer experience, a place to linger and interact with merchandise. It’s intended to provide the element of discovery as they move through the environment, each new area providing reasons to peruse and enjoy.

Through the use of diverse materials JHA created a visual vocabulary that divided up the space into areas while still providing an overall sense of unity. Ranging from the driftwood fins and pewter acrylic shelves of The Closet to the alternating grey and off white waxed plaster and smoke glass surround of The Living Room, the whole comes together to seamlessly to accommodate over 140 different shoe brands of multiple genres.

With the stunning beehive-meets-space travel conceptual remodel, JHA expanded the shoe salon department by 20,000 square feet.