New Showroom for HMX Menswear Brands

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Menswear group HMX sought out veteran fashion retail architect Jeffrey Hutchison, President of Jeffrey Hutchison & Associates, to design a showcase for the brands under their umbrella. Hutchison retrofitted an existing space in midtown creating a flexible combination showroom-workspace.

jeffrey hutchison associates HMX Menswear Showroom
HMX Showroom Reception Hall

Working closely with Chief Creative Officer Joseph Abboud, Jeffrey Hutchison balanced the rich heritage of Hickey Freeman and Hart Shaffner Marx with a modern architectural vocabulary of clean forms and simple lines.

“Jeffrey Hutchison has both the talent and taste to interpret our labels’ legacies while simultaneously balancing it with our creative vision for the future of the company” says Joseph Abboud. “He designed a masculine and refined space for us that is both highly functional and quietly luxurious. We’re delighted with the outcome.”

jeffrey hutchison associates HMX Menswear Showroom

Responsible the interior design of the space, Hutchison oversaw all aspects of the project:

The rich but simple interior was enhanced through the use and strategic placement of historic oil paintings and original prints, which were framed with modern details but with mattes covered in suiting fabrics.

The centerpiece of the space iconic Hickey Freeman Crest which had been saved from its original home in Chicago. This copper artisan relief is treated like a sculpture in its burl wood shadowbox with a backdrop of a Hickey Freeman herringbone suit fabric.

Hutchison incorporated a palate that balances the warmth and richness of Walnut wood paneling with the sleekness of a gray “driftwood” floor and silver taupe grass cloth wall covering.
Layered within these spaces are upholstered pieces of furniture covered in leather and suiting fabrics of pin-stripes, herringbones and plaids. To anchor the each of these seating areas are hand-made rugs woven in muted colors to accent the fabric choices in the upholstery.

Accessories and rich details throughout reinforce the luxury that these brands represent.
“This project is a rare opportunity to visually merge past and present, while anticipating the company’s needs in the future,” says Jeffrey Hutchison. “We created a visual language that respects the brands’ history, while translating and updating it for today — and tomorrow.”