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Mexico City

Mexico’s major department store group Palacio di Hierro approached JHA to redesign the concept for its home store, Casa Palacio, located in the Centro Santa Fe Mall in Mexico City. The entrance of the 60,000 square-foot, three-floor emporium suggests a grand, traditional market with elements such as terra cotta tile, iron columns, and ceramic tile trim, all topped by a modern lattice canopy. Customers move through this space out into a natural light-filled “street” lined with the façade of multiple faux homes: two modern houses (one paying homage to great Mexican architect, Luis Barrigan), two classic Italianate-style houses, and one classic mansion townhouse showcase furniture and other merchandise. Unlike other home stores, JHA’s Casa Palacio presents brands (the store features over 60, including SubZero, Artemide, and Table Hermès) in the context of a house of a similar style, inciting customers to connect to the product in a more emotional way.